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Thailand Lottery News

Thailand Lottery, Thai Lottery, Lottery Domains, Lottery Domain Names, Thai Lottery Domains, Thailand Lottery Domain Names, Lottery Guide, Lottery Tips, Lottery Books, Lottery Magazines, Lottery Links, World Lotteries, Lottery Directory, Lottery News, Lotteries, Lotto, Bingo, Thai, Thailand, Bangkok, Asia
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Government Lottery Office Director Stood Down BANGKOK, Thailand (December 26, 2001) -- According to domestic news sources Thailand's Deputy Finance Minister Varathep Ratanakorn has ordered the Government Lottery Office (GLO) board to temporarily relieve Mr Chaiwat of his directorship to ensure a smooth investigation of the alleged rigging of the June 1 lottery draw.........Subscribers

Police Want Seven Indicted For Draw Rigging, Prosecutors Handed Report, Videotapes
BANGKOK, Thailand (December 20, 2001) -- A panel of prosecutors will consider a police report recommending the indictment of seven suspects for the alleged June 1 lottery scam where................Subscribers

Illegal Lottery Supported by Millions of Players '
BANGKOK, Thailand (December 18, 2001) -- According to local news sources a recent study shows that Thais spend about Bt325 billion a year on gambling, legal and illegal, and about 23.7 million people play the underground lottery regularly...................Subscribers

Suspects in Lottery Scandal May Not be Indicted Due to Lack of Evidence
BANGKOK, Thailand (December 16, 2001) -- The 'Bangkok Post' quoted an un-named source yesterday as saying the five suspects in the June 1 lottery scam could walk free because the police evidence against them is "very poor"................Subscribers

Panel Says Lottery Draw Was Compromised
BANGKOK, Thailand (December 13, 2001) -- The 'Bangkok Post' reported yesterday that a Finance Ministry committee investigating the June 1 lottery scam says there are sufficient grounds to believe the results were..........Subscribers

Police Bring More Charges Against Key Suspect in Lottery Scandal
BANGKOK, Thailand (December 12, 2001) -- Two additional charges are being brought against a key suspect in the alleged rigging of the Government Lottery Office's (GLO) June 1 lottery draw. According to the 'Bangkok Post' Narong Unpaet will also be charged with being a member of a criminal gang and cheating the public. Mr Narong and two other men had earlier been arrested and charged with illegally influencing the June 1 result and released on bail.
Another key suspect in the case, Mr Pichai an influential figure in Lop Buri, surrendered to police on Sunday and was also charged with cheating the public.
SOURCE: Compiled by LI staff from local media reports.

Police Freeze Assets of Suspects in Lottery Scandal, One Missing Suspect Believed Murdered
BANGKOK Thailand (December 3, 2001) -- According to local news sources Police have frozen about 29 million baht in cash belonging to people suspected of involvement in lottery rigging after the Money Laundering Commission joined the inquiry into the manipulated June 1 draw. Pol Col Peeraphan Premputi, the commission secretary-general, said yesterday............Subscribers

Government Lottery Office Modifies Drawing Equipment For Latest Draw
BANGKOK, Thailand (December 2, 2001) -- The Government Lottery Office (GLO) used modified equipment in drawing yesterday's first-prize lottery. Finance permanent secretary Somchainuk Engtrakul, chairman of the GLO board, said...........Subscribers

Thailand's Government Lottery Moves to Restore Trust; VIP's Invited to Join December Draw
BANGKOK, Thailand (Novemner 28, 2001) -- The Government Lottery Office (GLO) will invite..............Subscribers

Scandal Tarnishes Lottery Image
BANGKOK, Thailand (November 26, 2001) -- According to local news sources the alleged rigging of the June 1 lottery draw has damaged the credibility of the Government Lottery Office (GLO) beyond...........Subscribers

Examination Finds No Evidence Draw Equipment Was Tampered With
BANGKOK, Thailand (November 27, 2001) -- According to local news sources police scientists have found no evidence of dyes, other chemicals or saliva on the balls and equipment used in the controversial drawing of the June 1 lottery. However, the Scientific Crime Detection Division believe the equipment had.................Subscribers

Thai Prime Minister Acknowledges June National Lottery Draw was Compromised
BANGKOK, Thailand (November 23, 2001) - Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said on Friday that gangsters had rigged the Government Lottery's draw on June 1 to claim prize money in an illegal underground lottery..............Subscribers

Assets of Suspects in Lottery Scam to be Frozen
BANGKOK, Thailand (November 24, 2001) -- The Anti-Money Laundering Office will freeze assets of those suspected of involvement in allegedly manipulating the Government Lottery Office lottery draw of June 1, a senior agency official said yesterday. The suspects, charged with conspiring to deceive the public, are believed to be................Subscribers

Police Find Numbered Balls and Entry Tickets on Suspect's Premises, Plan to Interview Government Lottery Office Staff Member
BANGKOK, Thailand (November 23, 2001) -- A leading Bangkok newspaper reported today that Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police are considering arresting a senior Government Lottery Office (GLO) official in connection with the highly controversial June 1 lottery draw...............Subscribers

Poll Shows Vast Majority of People Believe Lottery Draws Have Been Compromised
BANGKOK, Thailand (November 22, 2001) - A Suan Dus poll conducted after the highly controversial Government Lottery Office (GLO) June 1 lottery draw indicates that an overwhelming 92.3% of the 1,280 people surveyed believe that the GLO lottery draws have been compromised. The remainder of the participants did not believe the draws were tampered with because no concrete proof has so far been presented. According to the 'Nation' the people surveyed did not seem to be upset and, as many as 40.7% said they would continue to buy lottery tickets since it was a form of betting by chance. Another 37% gave a similar response, saying that they did not hope to win anyway. Only 12.9% said that they might stop buying lotteries. 44.9% of those surveyed said that allegations of lottery fixing required strict law enforcement and investigation. 30.6% said that the GLO had to be held responsible, while 18.4% wanted measures to prevent the public from joining the draws.
SOURCE: Compiled by LI staff from local media reports.

Police Say Two Former Politicians Won Millions in Suspect Draw
BANGKOK, Thailand (November 22, 2001) -- It was reported yesterday that a police source investigating the alleged suspect lottery draw of June 1 said that a former politician in Nonthaburi won 400 million baht on the underground lottery by betting heavily on the winning numbers. The newspaper said its source also revealed that another ex-politician in Thon Buri also........Subscribers

Ball Drawing Manufacturer Defends Equipment, But Says Human Intervention Makes the Process Susceptible to Certain Risks
BANGKOK, Thailand (November 22, 2001) - The controversy surrounding a recent Government Lottery Office (GLO) lottery draw has prompted the designer of the drawing equipment to come to the defense his device. Yesterday he told the..............Subscribers

Police Arrest Suspect in Lottery Scandal, Allege Draw Was Compromised
BANGKOK (November 21, 2001) -- According to local news sources Police allege influential gamblers compromised the Government Lottery Office's (GLO) lottery draw of June 1. And, according to the 'Bangkok Post' police also believe some GLO officials might be involved in the............Subscribers

Lottery Submits More Lotto Balls for Testing Following Allegations of Draw Rigging
BANGKOK (June 19, 2001) -- Another basket of balls were handed to police investigating charges that a recent lottery drawing was manipulated, the 'Bangkok Post' reported yesterday. According to the 'Post' Pol Col Thavorn Suthivanich, commander of the Scientific Crime Detection Division, said the Government Lottery Office sent him another 57 balls yesterday after Pol Maj-Gen Amporn Jarujinda asked for more suspect balls last week. Three balls containing the last three digits of the first prize had been earlier handed to the division after the June 1 first-prize draw raised suspicions that it had been manipulated. Last week, the 'Thai Rath Daily' reported that the winning number, 113311, was manipulated by underground lottery operators because some of the balls used in drawing the first prize had been painted with a chemical visible only to people wearing special contact lenses. Pictures of two members of the drawing committee looking into containers in an apparent search for specific balls were also published in the paper. Pol Col Thavorn said verification of the 57 balls was likely to be completed within three days. The division did not find any chemical traces on the first three balls as suspected.
SOURCE: Compiled by LI staff from local media reports.

Inquiry Into Lottery Draw, Thai lottery Officials Accused of Fixing Draw With Invisible Chemicals
BANGKOK, Thailand (June 16, 2001) -- According to local news sources Thai authorities are investigating claims that lottery officials coated lottery balls with a chemical visible only through special glasses. Numerous reports from the region allege the two draw officials stared at the balls for a long time before choosing them. Apparently, the balls are identical on the outside and contain the numbers inside.
The Government has set up an inquiry. The 'Straits Times' said the Government Lottery Office (GLO), which organises the televised draw, denies there has been any wrongdoing.
Finance permanent secretary Somchainuek Engtrakul, the GLO board chairman, said the draw was clean. He said the man pictured might have had trouble getting hold of the balls. Nevertheless, he said the man would be invited for questioning. Chaiwat Prasobpakdi, the GLO director, also dismissed the possibility that lottery officials had colluded with underground operators to rig the draw. Mr Chaiwat said senior officials had watched the video of the draw repeatedly and checked into the background of those who were alleged to have taken part in the fraud. One junior air force officer and two civilians drew the disputed balls on June 1. But the 'Thai Rath' newspaper quoted a police source as saying a gambler bribed GLO insiders to fix the result. The 'Asia News Network' went even further and said that their investigations had revealed that an influential person in boxing circles had won a lot of money on the underground lottery as a result of the draw.
The news network said many underground lottery banks have already changed their rules, altering their winning numbers to the fourth official prize number instead of the first. Meanwhile, Deputy finance minister Varathep Rattanakorn told the Bangkok Post, "The lottery result was rather unusual, in that one of the drawing committee members was seen acting as if he was searching for a specific ball." There have also been rumours some of the balls were marked. This has to be cleared up. He said an investigation has begun and the GLO may have to look at another method of drawing the balls.
SOURCES: The Straits Times, Thai Rath, Asia News Network and the Bangkok Post.

Lawmakers Accused of Being Involved in Illegal Lotteries that Turnover Bt100 Billion a Year
BANGKOK, Thailand (May 23, 2001) -- According to local news sources Democrat deputy spokesman Chaiwat Traiyasunan has made allegations that some Thai Rak Thai MPs are involved with underground lotteries. The 'Nation' reports that Anan Anantakul, the Democrat secretary-general, yesterday called on the government to get tough with underground lotteries that, according to a research study, generated revenue of almost Bt100 billion a year. Trang public prosecutor Itthipon Permsri said yesterday that the gambling case against Democrat MP Somchai Losathapornpipit could be filed with a court within seven days, after prosecutors obtained the police investigation report. Meanwhile, Thai Rak Thai deputy leader Sudarat Keyuraphan said yesterday the party had a stringent process in recruiting election candidates and had done its best to screen out people with improper behaviour. Interior Minister and Thai Rak Thai secretary-general Purachai Piumsombun also called on those who made the accusations to supply the authorities with evidence, so that action could be taken.
SOURCE: The Nation.

Government Lottery Office Told to Increase Revenue
BANGKOK, Thailand (April 4, 2001) - According to the Bangkok Post the permanent secretary for finance has ordered the Government Lottery Office to seek ways to turn over 7.5 billion baht from its expected earnings for 2001 instead of the estimated 4.5 billion. The Lottery office said it would study "new ways", most probably by raising the lottery ticket price to 50 baht from 40 baht, with bigger prizes available. The newspaper said that if the price is increased 10 baht, the actual selling price with agent's commission will shoot up to 120 baht for a pair of tickets, compared with 90-100 baht now even though the face value is 80 baht. In unrelated news, the Interior Minister Purachai Piemsomboon has told provincial governors that they must take responsibility for tackling illegal gambling in their provinces. Mr Purachai said the directive was agreed at a meeting with Chanasak Yuwaboon, the ministry's permanent secretary.
SOURCE: Compiled by LI staff from local media reports.

Lottery Staff Involved in Coupon Scam
BANGKOK, Thailand (April 4, 2001) - According to the 'Bangkok Post' two senior Government Lottery Office (GLO) printing heads, Sqn-Ldr Paisan Sincharoen and Chavalit Kesawatana are among the eight suspects arrested in connection with a fuel subsidy scam that has cost the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) 63 million baht. The newspaper said that the previous government had ordered the PTT to issue fuel coupons to help farm-truck operators cope with high fuel prices under a three-month subsidy programme. The PTT hired the Government Lottery Office (GLO) to print the coupons, which were distributed to the operators who were eligible to claim free diesel at PTT stations. However, some GLO staff had fake coupons printed by a company and conspired with some petrol station operators to enable the use of fake coupons to obtain free diesel oil from the PTT. The diesel subsidy expired last December. The government is now looking for any high-level officials who might have been involved in the scam. The minister also ordered the PTT to stop issuing all complimentary fuel coupons to customers and suppliers. Other state agencies were instructed by cabinet to examine their complimentary coupons as well, Mr Suriya said.
SOURCE: Bangkok Post.

Asian Internet Provider Copies the 'Government Lottery' to Increase Subscribers
BANGKOK, Thailand (March 26, 2001) -- Pacific Internet (Thailand), the service provider of Nasdaq-listed Pacific Internet based in Singapore, says it has designed a promotion copying Thailand's 'Government Lottery'. Customers who apply for any monthly subscription package, or purchase a particular package, will receive a coupon offering a chance to win prizes. In the so-called "Easy Money" campaign, each coupon contains five digits selected at random. If the number on the coupon matches the last five digits of the first prize in the Government Lottery draw held twice a month, the holder will receive a 200,000-baht prize. If there is no winner in any particular draw, the prize money will be carried forward to the next draw. The campaign will run from tomorrow to Aug 16.
Pacific Internet plans by the end of this year to increase the number of its individual subscribers to 70,000 from the present 20,000 and corporate users to 800 from 250. To meet the target Pacific Internet plans to increase capital from 188 million baht, and will seek strategic partnerships with telecom firms.
SOURCE: Compiled by LI staff from local media reports.

Elephant Statue Starts Religious Lottery Fever
BANGKOK, Thailand (March 16, 2001) -- According to local news sources, Thais are flocking to a 160ft high elephant statue near Bangkok for lucky lottery numbers.
They believe that buying lottery tickets there will guarantee hitting the jackpot. The elephant represents the Hindu God Indra and is revered by Thais. But the owners of the museum where the statue stands say it is there only to attract people to the museum, reports South East Asia News. "The elephant was my father's idea. He wanted to build an antiques museum and he thought he could put it under an elephant's stomach" said Pakpian Viriyapan, the museum owner. Then worshippers began to arrive at the site from everywhere. "Many would bring truckloads of sugarcane and bananas as offerings to the Erawan elephant and to pay their respects. It was just too much," said Pakipan.
SOURCE: Ananova.

Lottery Office Considers Settlement; 15 Year Deal if Court Claim is Dropped
BANGKOK, Thailand (January 24, 2001) -- According to a report in the Bangkok Post, 'The Government Lottery Office' is considering a settlement offer to Jaco Co under which the company would receive the right to distribute lottery tickets for up to 15 years in return for dropping its compensation claims. Jaco, a joint venture between Loxley and US-based GTECH, was awarded an eight-year concession to run an online lottery scheme on the final day of the Banharn government in 1996. The 1.6-billion-baht project was cancelled last year by the government, following numerous complaints by lottery vendors. An arbitrator in December ruled that the Office must pay 2.5 billion baht in penalties to Jaco for its failure to abide by the contract.The arbitration ruling was reported to the cabinet yesterday, said Chaiwat Pasokpuckdee, director-general of the Office. Two options were available, he said. The first option would be to wait for Jaco to file a civil suit against the Office for the failure to implement the contract. The main defence by the state in a court case would centre around whether the concession fell within the strictures of a 1992 law regulating public-private joint ventures. The law requires concession contracts to pass a detailed screening mechanism. Failure to abide by the law would result in the cancellation of the contract. The Office wants the Council of State, the government's legal advisory body, to rule on whether the concession fell within the scope of the 1992 law. But Pichet Phanvichartkul, a deputy finance minister, said it was unlikely that the law could be used as an excuse to scrap the concession and avoid paying compensation to Jaco. He said it was the responsibility of the state agencies involved to ensure that screening procedures were met. The second option available, Mr Chaiwat said, was to settle the dispute with Jaco. The Office could extend Jaco's term in distributing lottery tickets from eight to 10 or 15 years, he said. Jaco would distribute 2-3 million tickets per draw, keeping 9% of the proceeds from sales. Currently the Office holds two draws each month, with each ticket priced at 20 baht. Another possibility was for the Office to buy Jaco's online lottery system and mainframe systems for around 700-800 million baht. Computer systems have not yet been procured by the company, with original plans calling for purchases to be made in fiscal 2002. While the Office wanted the cabinet yesterday to indicate which option should be taken, ministers said it was the responsibility of the lottery office and the Finance Ministry to settle the matter. Akapol Sorasuchart, government spokesman, said the cabinet had no authority to decide the matter, and that the responsibility rested with the state agency. If Jaco was dissatisfied with settlement offers, then the company could file suit in the courts, he said. Regardless, no discussions have yet been held with Jaco by the Office on the new settlement proposals. Mr Chaiwat said offering a new distribution contract to Jaco would be unnecessary if the lottery office won the case in court. But if the court upheld the decision by arbitrators, negotiating a settlement would reduce the losses incurred by the state. Alternatively, purchasing Jaco's systems and hardware would give the lottery office new resources to expand its products and services in the future. Mr Chaiwat denied that an online lottery encouraged gambling, but said it instead offered additional choices to meet a clear public demand while reducing the costs incurred by the state in printing paper lottery tickets. Share prices of Loxley, a telecommunications firm listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, have swung wildly in recent days on speculation a settlement offer by the government was imminent. Yesterday Loxley's shares closed on the SET at 18.5 baht, down 25 satang, in trade worth 152.02 million baht. The Finance Ministry, meanwhile, says it will look for additional steps to ensure proper screening of concession contracts signed between public agencies and state enterprises.
SOURCE: Compiled by LI staff from local media reports.

Huge Fine for Breach of Lottery Contract
BANGKOK (January 23, 2001) -- Cabinet will be asked to consider a proposal for the Government Lottery Office to pay Jaco Co 2.5 billion baht in penalties for breaching a contract over on-line lottery vending machines. The proposal was forwarded to the secretariat of the cabinet by the Finance Ministry. An arbitrator ruled the Government Lottery Office must pay 2.5 billion baht in penalties, plus 7.5% interest, to Jaco Co for its failure to implement an on-line lottery sales contract signed in 1996. The arbitrator asked the lottery authorities to pay the firm within 60 days after the ruling was made. Jaco, a joint venture between Loxley and US-based GTECH, was awarded an eight-year concession to run an on-line lottery scheme on the final day of the Banharn administration. Both the Chavalit and Chuan governments suspended the project over alleged irregularities.
SOURCE: Compiled by LI staff from local media reports.

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